Agatimatima Lyrics by KING JAMES

Agatimatima Lyrics by KING JAMES

Experience the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “Agatimatima” by the talented artist KING JAMES. This captivating song beautifully captures the essence of love and invites listeners to embrace the rhythmic journey of emotions. Join us as we delve into the soulful world of “Agatimatima” and discover the artistry of KING JAMES.

Agatimatima Lyrics by KING JAMES

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Amaso Yashimye
Umutima wemeye
Niyompamvu ngusatira
Nkubaza akazina kawe

Ese ubundi uvuka he hmmm
Ko uteye nk’igisabo hmm yeah
Buriya nakwitegereje
Indoor inyinya
Igendo yansajije

Ooooho! Njye nemeye
Nafashwe nanyuzwe
Ooh dore uburanga oh yeah
Uyu arabikora
Oh baby amaso nk’inyana
Urandwaza agatimatima
Ooh narashize agatimatima

Umva nkongorere akantu
Kandi ntubivuge
Mbonye malaika
Oooho! None ndikumwongorera
Nyemerera dusangire
Kandi sindi itesha mutwe
Reka dusangire
Nukuri nturi bwicuze

Oooho! Njye nemeye
Nafashwe nanyuzwe
Oooho dore uburanga ooh yeah
Uyu arabikora
Oooho baby amaso nk’inyana
Urandwaea agatimatima
Oooh Narashize

Oooh Dore uburanga ooh yeah
Uyu arabikora
Ooh baby amaso nk’inyana
Urandwaza agatimatima

Ooh narashize
Uyu arabikora
Amaso nk’inyana

Song Details

AlbumAgatimatima (Single)
Published YearMay 11 , 2018
Music LabelAgatimatima (Single)
Song Written byKING JAMES
Release YearMay 11 , 2018

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Agatimatima” by KING JAMES, where love finds its voice through melodious rhythms and evocative lyrics. Watch the official music video to experience the visual interpretation of this enchanting song and let its melodies resonate in your heart. Embark on a journey of emotions and discover the power of love with “Agatimatima.”

Music Video of “Agatimatima” song

FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of “Agatimatima” song?

The heartfelt and poetic lyrics of “Agatimatima” were penned by the talented artist KING JAMES himself. His words beautifully express the depth and intricacies of love, resonating with listeners on an emotional level.

Who is the singer of “Agatimatima” song?

The soulful and melodic vocals of “Agatimatima” are brought to life by the renowned artist KING JAMES. His expressive delivery and emotional range create an immersive musical experience for the listeners.

Who has featured in the music video?

The music video of “Agatimatima” primarily focuses on KING JAMES, highlighting his presence and artistic expression. There are no featured artists in the music video.

Who directed the music video of “Agatimatima”?

The official music video of “Agatimatima” does not credit a specific director.

Who is the writer of “Agatimatima” song?

Both the lyrics and music of “Agatimatima” were composed by KING JAMES, showcasing his exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter.

When & where was “Agatimatima” song released?

The specific release date and platform for “Agatimatima” are currently unknown. However, the song continues to captivate audiences with its timeless message of love and resonant melodies.

What is the language of “Agatimatima” song?

“Agatimatima” is predominantly performed in Kinyarwanda, the native language of KING JAMES. The use of this language adds cultural authenticity and allows listeners to connect deeply with the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

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