Urabinyegeza Song Lyrics by BRUCE MELODIE

Urabinyegeza Song Lyrics by BRUCE MELODIE

Urabinyegeza is an uplifting song performed by the talented artist Bruce Melodie. This song is a celebration of joy and love, with its infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics. The lyrics of Urabinyegeza were written by Bruce Melodie himself, showcasing his artistic expression and songwriting abilities. Let’s dive into the world of Urabinyegeza and immerse ourselves in the beauty brought to us by Bruce Melodie.

Urabinyegeza Full Lyrics

Song Details

SingerBruce Melodie
LyricistBruce Melodie
MusicBruce Melodie
DirectorBruce Melodie
CastBruce Melodie
Music LanguageKinyarwanda
Published Year2022
Music Label(Single)
Song Written byBruce Melodie
Release DateSep 10, 2022

Embrace the joy and love exuded by “Urabinyegeza” as you listen to the vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics brought to you by Bruce Melodie. Don’t forget to watch the official music video to experience the visual interpretation of this uplifting music.

Music Video of “Urabinyegeza” song

FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of “Urabinyegeza” song?

The lyrics of “Urabinyegeza” were written by the talented artist Bruce Melodie himself. His poetic words and heartfelt expressions shine through in this joyful track.

Who is the singer of “Urabinyegeza” song?

The soulful and captivating vocals of “Urabinyegeza” are brought to life by the talented artist Bruce Melodie. His dynamic range and passionate delivery make the song a delightful listening experience.

Who has featured in the music video?

The music video of “Urabinyegeza” primarily focuses on Bruce Melodie, showcasing his artistry and stage presence. There are no featured artists in the music video.

Who directed the music video of “Urabinyegeza”?

The music video of “Urabinyegeza” was directed by Bruce Melodie himself. His creative vision and direction bring the song to life visually, capturing the essence of joy and love portrayed in the music.

Who is the writer of “Urabinyegeza” song?

Both the lyrics and music of “Urabinyegeza” were composed by Bruce Melodie himself. His talent as a singer-songwriter is evident in the catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics of the song.

When & where was “Urabinyegeza” song released?

“Urabinyegeza” was released on September 10, 2022. The song has since touched the hearts of listeners with its infectious energy and positive vibes, becoming a memorable addition to Bruce Melodie’s discography.

What is the language of “Urabinyegeza” song?

“Urabinyegeza” is primarily performed in Kinyarwanda, reflecting Bruce Melodie’s Rwandan roots and adding cultural authenticity to the song.

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